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Nightlight Electric Company can plan and diagram your electrical systems for you or collaborate with your Architect or GC to ensure that your plans include the necessary conduits required by our local electrical codes. You can hire us to fully design the system you need or we will work with your blueprints. We then install the conduits and run the wiring that will terminate at the various circuit breaker panels, relays and switches. We wire control instruments that run the power to the heating units, lighting, air conditioning and refrigeration units. We work with developers and owners of commercial office spaces, from residential homes to strip malls and retail stores. 

We use electrical test meters and ohmmeters to be certain that the continuity of the wiring is safe and compatible with its components. We perform these tests during new construction installation, but we also perform these tests to locate any shorts or breaks in an existing system. This testing is critical to a safe, successful electrical repair. Testing allows us to properly diagnose the problem to determine if repair or replacement of the wiring or conduits are necessary.

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